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Housing in uneven recovery as existing home sales drop

Bloomberg - Demand dropped in all regions of the country, suggesting anomalies such as bad weather were not at play, NAR said.

Rich people are splurging on million-dollar homes again

Washington Post - For the first time in recent memory, lenders are offering well-heeled buyers large “jumbo” mortgages at the same — or even better — interest rates as smaller loans.

Why paying extra on mortgage pays off

USA Today - Conventional wisdom says that making extra payments toward your mortgage saves interest. True, but that's not all.

Top amenities buyers will splurge on

REALTOR Magazine - Consumers today aren't just looking for the biggest house on the block. They're looking for more efficient use of space and...

Ocwen shares plunge as founder steps down

USA Today - William Erbey, the billionaire founder, chairman and largest stockholder of one of the nation's largest mortgage-servicing firms, will resign from several...

Where the problems are: REO properties by state

Oregon Live - The data is contained in a new FHFA report that describes how many foreclosures in the third quarter were prevented by mediation or other steps.